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An African Nguni cow hide originates from South Africa and has become very popular choices for their wonderful patterns and colors. If you are looking for a bigger hide that is a lot cheaper than a Zebra this is what you want.

No single hide is alike and a wide range of color and pattern varieties are available. The hides are all tanned and treated to ensure the highest standards. All the skins are ready for export and all export permits are included in the price. If you are looking for a particular pattern let me know and we will try arrange that for you.

All sizes listed are approximate. The African Nguni cow Hide/skin you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or pattern from the African Nguni cow hide/skin shown in the pictures because of the variation available.

Please contact us for any colours, patterns or styles, we have a huge variety to choose from.

Please note that the price ranges from R 3800 to R 4800 per skin dependent upon the size and pattern chosen

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